Friday, December 1, 2017

Defensive Measures - Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is developed by Supercell a freemium mobile strategy video gamePeople do love clash of clans in the first place, and mostly, gamers love to play tricks in every game, most likely the type of game that can blow up gamers mind. This type of game requires analytical attack and the type of strategy that you are about to undertake when raiding enemy base. There is a wider range of various strategies like defending and attacking but it depends on your goal, either you wipe out the base or just to loot some resources. Some would like to mix strategy and it would be best to upgrade every troop that you have so that it would be an advantage to you.

The main core in the game is farming. This is very essential to every clashers. Gather huge resources simple by raiding villages. Resources are very handy and very useful when it comes to upgrading troops, structures, walls, spells and most of all, your defense tower. Some gamers ignore to get more trophies. The more you accumulate trophies, the more you will face hard bases and it is really hard for you to penetrate and it is better for you to stay in the middle clash than to go higher rank. In the middle clash, there are many villages that is easy to wipe out and gather huge amount of resources.

For Android User you can download the Clash of clans mobile installer here

You have to use starter units and very cheap expenses for raiding bases.
There are many type of bases; the abandoned one, which is a type of village and a kind of base that the owner is no longer playing clash of clans and mostly the gatherer structure is always full. If you only come for resources, then this is best for you to hunt. The other one is joke village. It means the village is premature due to advance town hall but the other structures and troops didn't get an upgrade. Take note that if you do this, you will be struggling a lot because it is really hard for you to secure your resources and your base is easily getting raided by other gamers. The bad thing about this premature village is that it is really hard for you to raid bases with huge resources.

The third kind of base is all ups. It means you focus on defense. Your primary goal is to never get penetrated. In order to have this kind of base, you have to upgrade first you defenses like mortar, cannon, archer tower and wizard tower. The most important line of defense are the walls and the backup. Having a strong wall and a strong back up, you will surely never get penetrated.

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