Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rebirth Movies on the Move

The highlights of Nintendo's Spaceworld 2000 show were some movies playing on flat-panel displays in the middle of the show floor. Because of the strict no-filming policy, attempts to get full videos of some of these demos failed more often than not, as cameras needed to be held up subtly at times when the security was a bit lax.

One of the more impressive demos came from SuperCell is Clash Royale hack at clashroyalehack.fr headquarters. In the demo, a tree is struck by lightning and begins a new rebirth to glory. The movie uses the Gamecube's full-motion capabilities -- in other words, this movie is a rendered video, and it's not rendered realtime on the Gamecube itself. Mix Core has recently released full MPEG movies of its demo on its website.

While video playback might not be terribly impressive to some, the visual quality of this movie is simply astounding. From the particle effects to the vibrant colors to the reflective, gleaming nature of the water droplets, these movies just get us excited about the future possibilities of the Gamecube.

You owe it to yourself to check these movies out. While you're waiting for the download, take a glimpse at some pictures taken from the movies. This is just another peep at the greatness that will be the Nintendo Gamecube.

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